December Tier 4 COVID-19 Statement

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas despite the unusual circumstances, however unfortunately we are back with another statement ahead of a tough situation moving forward into 2021.

As you are all aware the majority of the South East of England was placed into new tier 4 restrictions from 00:01 on 26th December, this also included West Sussex. Under these new restrictions grassroots football has been again temporarily postponed for adult football (over 18s), however this time under 18s youth football is allowed to continue.

The continuation of grassroots youth football has obviously raised a few eyebrows and the secretaries of our local league (Arun & Chichester Youth Football League) have been working closely with the Sussex FA and ultimately the English FA on how to proceed safely and securely.

One of the new stipulations between pre-tier 4 and now is that the club now would like to keep attendance at matches to a minimum to minimise risk of transmission. If taking your child to a game, please refrain from taking or inviting other family members or friends to watch your child play, unless absolutely necessary. Also, after dropping off your child, consider staying in your vehicle in the car park, or leaving and returning at the end of the game to pick up your child.

We are aware this is not always possible and as we operate our home matches on a public park it is impossible to fully control this, so we expect parents/supporters to be mindful of social distancing at home &, where applicable, away games. As a club we need to be show our regard for the seriousness of the current situation and be mindful of the health of others.

Our managers & coaches will still need some support from parents to help put up goals/nets, act as a linesman or referee certain games etc, but please be sensible and again mindful of social distancing rules.

Below are our risk assessments which we ask all attendees to matches, including players, to be made aware of before arriving.

Download • 171KB

Further information regarding training will be made available in due course.

We are facing a difficult period in the New Year and with more government announcements due over the coming days we hope football can continue where possible. And as a club we must ensure the health & safety of players, coaches, and parents is our number one priority.

Thank-you once again for your support and we hope to see you in 2021!

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