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Dave Gurney Memorial Tournament

Lancing Rangers are delighted to announce that the date for the Dave Gurney Memorial Tournament this year is Sunday 1st May 2022 and will be held at the Sussex FA HQ 3G Pitch, Culver Road, Lancing.

Player Information:

The event opens at 13:00 on the afternoon of Sunday 1st May 2022 and players are invited to arrive after this time. Players will have changing facilities inside the stadium to use, however this will be used by all players so we will ensure that space is available on the day to prevent overcrowding. 

We have access to the pitch from 13:00 until 14:00 for training for all squads. This will be shared out in quarters with teams being able to share the use of the large goals for any shooting practice they wish to do.

For safety reasons we ask all players to wear shin-pads to prevent any injury, however we will have a number of first-aiders on site if required.

The pitch is artificial turf (3G) so suitable footwear must be worn, again for safety. Please see the below document on what can and cannot be worn on the day:


We invite every player, spectator and volunteer to take part in a minutes applause for Dave Gurney before the start of the fixtures at 14:00.

Matches then begin at 14:00. Each team will play each other once, 3 games in total, in a round-robin league style fixture list. Each game is 25 minutes long followed by a 5-minute break in-between games. Once each team has played all their fixtures a final league position is settled based on points and goal-difference, with goals scored being used if required. A play-off match will follow to decide a league position if two or more teams have the same points, goal difference and goals scored.

Once a final league table has been settled there will be a break of around 45 minutes long before the first place and second place teams play a final game. The final is 35 minutes and will be held at around 17:45 in the evening.

The winner of this match will be crowned the winners of the Dave Gurney Memorial Tournament 2022 and receive a trophy. If the game finishes level after 35 minutes then a penalty shoutout will follow with the winning team receiving the trophy.

The trophy presentation will follow the final game. 

We will have volunteers support us with officiating on the day, both in the middle and running the line. Red and yellow cards are being used on the day even though we wish not to use them. Please respect the officials as this is a day of celebration. Any players found not to be respect the officials and their decisions will be sin-binned or sent off. 

Spectator Information:

Doors will be open from 13:00, however the matches do not begin until 14:00 with the bar space being restricted between these hours whilst the event is set-up. 


Entry is set at £3 per adult and £1 per child and entry is strictly cash-only. We ask that the correct amount is used as we may not have the availability of spare change. A cash machine is located within a 3 minute walk of the venue and can be found at Co-Op on North Road.

Spectators are welcome to leave and re-enter the venue and will be asked to wear a wristband to re-gain entry. 

The venue is a strictly no smoking or vaping area so we politely ask those who want to smoke or vape to step outside the front of the venue.

A programme is available to purchase on the day and will contain information and history on all the squads participating in the event, as well as the history of our club and Dave Gurney. It was contain pictures from the archive so see if you spot any familiar faces. The programme will be available upon entry at the cost of £1.

From 14:00 the inside bar space will be available for use. Inside you will find a soft and alcoholic drinks bar which will be open throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Food will also be available at the event either hot or cold, and spectators are welcome to bring their own for the event. There will be indoor seating, outdoor standing and outdoor seating and we hope that May brings us the good weather.

We invite every player, spectator and volunteer to take part in a minutes applause for Dave Gurney before the start of the fixtures at 14:00.

We hope to have a face-painter or other events for children to enjoy throughout the day.

Collection buckets will be made available around the venue and raffle tickets will be made available by volunteers who can be seen walking around the venue carrying collection buckets. Raffle tickets are available at £1 per strip.

A raffle will then be held either in between the league games and final, or after the award presentation after the final game. We have a number of awards from local businesses and we appreciate their support greatly!

We are delighted to have both charities whom we are supporting join us on the day of the event. Both the NSPCC and St Barnabas House will have volunteers who will be supporting our effort in raising money from the event. Both charities will have stands where volunteers will discuss what each charity does for the community and will help answer any questions you may have.

Lastly, we hope everybody enjoys their time and we hope to raise over £1000 from the event. 

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