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Online Player Registrations

Updated: Jul 18, 2022


Just like the remaining COVID restrictions we are diving in head-first and releasing our online player registration portal.

Parents/guardians will be able to create a log in on our website and then head to the 'My Player Registrations' tab within your profile. Here you will find a 'New Player Registrations' button which will take you into our registration form.

Before starting the form we recommend having a passport style photo (on a white background) ready as this speeds up the process. Select the correct squad from the dropdown box then click 'Continue'.

New registrations will also need to enter either a passport number or National Insurance number, and then upload photo evidence for this also.

The second stage of the form is to enter Player Details, this includes the basics like first & last name, DOB, and all the other information the league requires to register a player. This is also the stage where you will be attaching your image so make sure it is ready! Once attached, request a signature from your child (remember Fortnite is not pause-able so allow your child to finish before interrupting their potential "dub")!

Once complete, press 'Continue'. If the screen pauses allow this for a few seconds whilst the images uploads to our system before refreshing the page as this will cause issues with your registration.

As like Player Details, Parent Details requires similar information including contact details, and emergency contact details if different from the parent/guardian. When complete press 'Continue' to complete the final stage of the registration. Arguably this is the most important so please ensure you and your child have read all necessary agreements. Links to these can also be found under the 'Info' tab on our main website.

After reading and checking all tick boxes a parent/guardian signature is required to complete the form. Once signed, press 'Submit' and your registration will be submitted to Lancing Rangers.

Upon submitting the registration form you will be prompted with three payment options as listed below. For existing players (players who played for Lancing Rangers in the 2020/21 season) the subscription fee has been deducted by 50%. This was a committee decision based on the interruption these players have faced over the last two seasons.

For any new registrations these prices will continue to be £70, and £35 for any siblings.

Click 'Select' on the correct registration fee and then click 'Buy Now' on the following window. This will open up a new window where you will be prompted to either log into PayPal, or alternatively you can make a normal debit/credit card transaction.

Please note - PayPal forces you to create a log-in on mobiles. If you want to use a debit/credit card payment we recommend using a laptop.

After payment has been successfully made you can return to your profile where you will now find a registration within your 'My Player Registrations' tab on your profile. This is confirmation that you have successfully completed the registration.

Now... grab that pint of beer or glass of wine and stick on some Netflix!

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